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The Heart of Shadows by Marco Cosimo d’Amico, Laura Iorio & Roberto Ricci

Luc is a frail child who’s afraid of anything and everything, no thanks to his Italian grandmother and her dark bedtime stories. So when he disappears from his bedroom one night, everyone fears the worst. Has he been kidnapped? Did he run away like his sister once did? 

Little do they know, Luc has travelled to a mysterious land filled with monsters and strange creatures named Shadows and is about to embark on a terrifying journey around the world where he must learn to conquer his fears if he ever hopes to return home. 

Accompanying him on his journey is the mysterious Uomo Nero, the bogeyman from the nursery rhymes his nana used to sing to him…

Format: ebook
Narrator: n/a
Perfomance: n/a
Story: 🌑🌑🌑

On the strength of the artwork alone, I would give this a solid 5. I love scary+ugly+kawaii character designs and this has many in abundance. The dark tones perfectly matched the mood of the story and the brighter, colorful sections felt joyful and full of life

The plot, which is all about FEA…

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